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Pictures of Gates McFadden from "When Nature Calls"

When Nature Calls was a low budget movie in the early 80's. It is not the same one as that Ace Ventura movie that came out a few years ago. This movie I believe went straight to video at a time when nobody intentionally made a movie direct for video. I don't believe it was ever released in the theatres. In fact, it may not have been released on video for years after it was made. They stopped making the video version about 12 years ago, so its a difficult video to find. I doubt you'll find it for rent anywhere. It took me awhile to track down a copy. I had to shell out $60 for the movie and it was not only used but for some reason the distributor had recorded it at EP speed rather than SP (worse picture and sound, but the guy saved himself like 2 cents). Mind you, this was an ORIGINAL of the movie (just like you buy at stores), not a copy some guy made on his VCR. In addition to the poor original quality of the tape, the tape is about 12 years old. As you may or may not be aware, videotape starts to degrade after about 5 years. Basically, I've got the equivalent of a copy of a copy, even though I purchased an original.

The plot of the actual movie is irrelevant, since Gates only appears in some mock "coming attractions" at the beginning. The attraction is for a made up movie called "Gena's Story" and the attraction sort of pokes fun at those feminist-type movies that came out in the late 60's and early 70's where a career gal finds herself. The entire preview has a dorky looking blind guy in the corner of the screen (supposed to be closed captioned for the SEEING impaired, get it - yeah, that gives you an idea why this movie was never really released). Anyway, at least it does show Gates in her underwear in some of the sexiest shot's of her I've seen. Be warned, this movie aired on Cinema a few months ago but none of the mock coming attractions were shown, despite the fact that they were part of the movie. Therefore, there may be multiple "unedited" copies out there (its not like Cinemax cuts out dirty parts, the movie was still rated R). I've never seen another original copy of the tape, but if you come across one for sale, you may want to make sure Gates' part is on there before you shell out some money.


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ga053a.jpg Look closely and you can see that her panties are creeping up her buns.
Source: Vid-cap.
ga054a.jpg Wow!
Source: Vid-cap.
ga055a.jpg Probably my favourite Gates pic.
Source: Vid-cap.
ga056.jpg She was a lot "perkier" back then.
Source: Vid-cap.
ga057a.jpg Striking a pose.
Source: Vid-cap.
ga058a.jpg How'd you like to have this waiting for you when you get home?
Source: Vid-cap.
ga059a.jpg Looking hot... or thirsty.
Source: Vid-cap.
ga060a.jpg Oh yeah!
Source: Vid-cap.
ga061a.jpg Now she seems to be in acting class.
Source: Vid-cap.
ga062a.jpg If she's lonely she could always call me.
Source: Vid-cap.
ga063a.jpg "Joy" is right.
Source: Vid-cap.
ga064a.jpg Here she just looks dorky.
Source: Vid-cap.