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Pictures of Shelley Long from "Night Shift"

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"Night Shift" was a movie in the early eighties that offered Shelley one of her first leading roles. The movie was a comedy and was actually the first movie directed by Ron Howard. It also starred Henry Winkler and Michael Keaton as guys who work at a morgue that join forces with a hooker played by Shelley to start a prostitution business in the morgue. The movie was alright, and it offered some of the sexiest pictures of Shelley I've ever seen - in her polka-dot panties making breakfast.

Click on any thumbnail to see it larger or download it

sh012a.jpg A great shot of her round butt.
Source: Contribution.
sh013a.jpg From behind.
Source: contribution
sh014a.jpg A great shot from the front.
Source: Vid-cap.
sh015a.jpg Posing and showing off her legs. I think this was a "behind the scenes" shot because I don't remember this from the movie.
Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine.
sh032a.jpg Serving scrambled eggs.
Source: Contribution.
sh033a.jpg Another nice side shot.
Source: contribution
sh034a.jpg Looking perplexed.
Source: Contribution.
sh035a.jpg A great one of her bending over.
Source: contribution
sh036a.jpg A nice side view of those panties.
Source: Contribution.
sh037a.jpg Kissing in the tub (and showing off some of her boob).
Source: contribution
sh038a.jpg Giving a look.
Source: Contribution.
sh039a.jpg And then a hug.
Source: contribution
sh045a.jpg A posed shot in the nightgown.
Source: Contribution.
sh075a.jpg Another spectacular panties shot from a publicity still that was not in the movie.
Source: contribution