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Miscellaneous Pictures of Tracey Gold

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tr008a.jpg One of the nicer pics here. She's not thin in this one and she looks beautiful. Plus, the resolution and colour of the pic are great.
Source: Contribution.
tr009a.jpg I don't know where this picture is from, but she looks pretty young in it.
Source: Contribution.
tr010a.jpg Looking great out on the town
Source: People Magazine - 2/17/92
tr015a.jpg Looks like a promo shot for something.
Source: Contribution.
tr021a.jpg A mini-article on Tracey from "TV Guide"
Source: Contribution.
tr022a.jpg This is Tracey and her mom.
Source: People Magazine - 2/17/92.
tr023a.jpg Tracey and her boyfriend (now her husband).
Source: People Magazine - 2/17/92.
tr016a.jpg A simple shot.
Source: Contribution.
tr025a.jpg Looking beautiful.
Source: Contribution.
tr026a.jpg Black and white but pretty.
Source: Contribution.
tr027a.jpg I've been told that this is indeed her sister, not her Mom.
Source: Contribution.
tr060a.jpg A pic from when she was younger.
Source: Magazine.
gold006a.jpg Jon Stewart checking out her legs on his show.
Source: Contribution.
gold007a.jpg I don't know what she was promoting on the show.
Source: Contribution.
gold008a.jpg With crossed legs.
Source: Contribution.