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Gallery of Fakes

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Here are some of the fakes that people have sent me of the actresses I have pages devoted to. Some are clearly fakes and others are simply different people who slightly resemble the actress. I have decided to set up this page only to cut down on the number of fake pictures people send me. I do not want you to send me any fakes to include on this page! As if you couldn't guess, I hate fakes. They clutter up the Internet. Some people have tried to convince me that they are "fun" or that I should appreciate the artist's talent in making the fake. The reason I don't buy this comes down to the reality of what happens. These fakes are oftentimes passed off as real pictures. Therefore, when someone requests a picture of an actress they like, these fakes are usually the ones posted (either intending to trick the recipient or when the sender doesn't realize they are fake). Thus, real pictures become hard to find (Try requesting pictures of Gates McFadden in a newsgroup and see how many real pics people post). Perhaps the only "fakes" I can appreciate are ones that are free-hand drawings of an actress, not photographs, because that actually requires some artistic talent, unlike the cut and paste jobs we usually see.

Fakes are generally easy to spot just by looking at the content. If you ever see a picture of an actress that looks like a posed playboy-style shot showing nudity, its a good bet it's fake. Many actresses out there are not shy about their bodies. However, their nudity usually only occurs in movies, not in magazines. A vid-cap nude is a maybe, but a magazine style nude is almost always fake. Think about it, if Gates McFadden were to do a nude spread, it would most certainly be in a rather popular magazine that pays extremely well, like Playboy or Penthouse (who have done some celebrity centrefolds). But if they are in something this big, you would most certainly hear about it from other sources. Likewise, any picture could be accompanied by the issue date or other way to identify the source. You'll find most that of the fakes out there, if you try and question the poster about the source, they usually either don't know or give a vague answer ("its from a nudie magazine they posed for before they became famous"). Generally, you can assume all posed for pictures are fake (I have only seen two actresses EVER do a non-playboy magazine nude spread - one was Alyssa Milano and the other was Tiffany Amber-Theisson, and both times their pictures were distributed on the net along with information about the source). My advice: be very cynical when it comes to nude pictures and always question the source.

I have deliberately made these pictures as unattractive as I can. They are in low resolution, have the nude parts edited out, and there is no link to the actual picture. Please do not E-mail me requesting that I send you the actual picture, as I will not contribute to the distribution of this crap. I urge you to do the same.


fake001.jpg fake003.jpg fake004.jpg fake005.jpg fake006.jpg fake007.jpg fake008.jpg fake009.jpg fake010.jpg fake011.jpg fake012.jpg fake014.jpg

Gates McFadden Fakes



Judith Light Fakes



Crystal Bernard Fakes