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Candid Pictures of Patricia Richardson

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Patricia has never done a nude scene in any movie, nor has she posed nude for any magazines. This is mostly due to her prim, proper nature. However, she apparently does like to wear revealing outfits while out on the town. This page contains candid pictures of Patricia that photographers have taken. one set of them shows Patricia in a dark blue dress wearing no bra. One thing that people forget when it comes to fashion is that dark blue or black dresses, when exposed to the flash bulb of a camera, become almost transparent. This is what happened in these photos, where you can make out large portions of Patricia's bare nipples through the transparent dress. In another set, she is seen in a very low cut gown and you get a slight nipple slip, not as revealing as the transparent pics, but unclothed so the colour is a little better. The rest of the pictures on this page are sexy, but non nude candids.

Please note: these pictures are displayed with the express permission of the photographers. However, they have asked that nobody take these pictures and use them on their own pages. I paid to purchase these pictures and I'm sure the photographers would be willing to grant you permission to use them on your site if you also pay for them, but please don't just steal them.

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